Football Weekend

Feb 12 2019

The P4AP football game was created to help bring the community together for MS and High School Football for the past 2 years. This event brought a number of local high school teams together for a common cause: awareness. The funds raised went back to WHSFL Football and MS; the event was a success because it united the community while providing support through a challenging time.

Dream Chaser

P4AP has solidified a partnership between Manitoba Youth Centre (MYC) and our Dream Chaser Program. While the youth are in custody it is critical that we help develop a positive self-image of who they are and what they want to accomplish once out of custody. We accomplish this through goal setting, providing stability and structure, and continued mentoring. The Dream Chaser Program uses a holistic approach in its mentorship and provides guidance to youth with positive reinforcement.

This program was created for youth between the ages of 13-19 in one of the three phases of justice (prevention, intervention and submission).The submission phase can play a huge role in these adolescents’ lives– are they becoming better people or better criminals while in custody? Having a team based philosophy will allow for the youth involved in the program to interact with all types of people – from athletes, educators, public figures, elders, and mentors – to help support them throughout the program. Furthermore, this program is designed to give our youth the tools and life skills required to be independent, successful young adults.


The Burger

Jul 03 2018

Behold, the BUTLER BURGER!

Brazen Hall and Playing 4 A Purpose Foundation are partnering up on a new initiative that will help at-risk youth. From July 3rd to August 29th, proceeds from the burgers listed below will be donated to P4APF.

P4APF is where community and culture come together to make a change in a person’s life, so that they can make a change in their communities.

Brazen Hall is a local restaurant that is deeply rooted in our community. The Butler Burger initiative is but one example of how Brazen Hall is much more than a food/beverage establishment. Before the restaurant even opened their doors, they collaborated with P4APF, by helping employ at-risk youth. P4APF is grateful for the opportunity to work with them once again, this time, on the Butler Burger Initiative!

Feast your eyes on the perfectly crafted burgers created by the great minds at Brazen Hall

On behalf of the many lives YOU will impact with this initiative, we simply want to say thank you, thank you, thank you.


Finding a Platform

May 18 2018

When you find yourself with a platform in life—whether it’s the product of hard work, privilege, luck, or whatever else—you’ll hopefully ask yourself what you can do to improve your community and share your platform. This question, this drive to improve the lives of others is the seed that brought on Playing 4 a Purpose.

Throughout the last four years, Playing 4 a Purpose has often functioned as a vessel to improve its community and give a voice to those of whom society often ignores. Through House of Purpose, the foundation provided a foster home for male youth aged 13-18. The goal of the foundation wasn’t to simply house the children, to throw money at a problem and hope it goes away, it was to provide the youth with a multitude of tools to help forge a new life. Kelly Butler happily gave his time and resources to provide not only housing and other necessities, but also a guiding hand and supportive shoulder from custody to the beginning of a refreshed life as an independent young adult. Through other programs started by the foundation, such as MS games and Butler’s Backpacks, the foundation has set its sights on problems found in its community and set in motion events to help solve them. In my opinion, this is what separates the foundation (and Kelly) from some of the other similar foundations: the devotion and care shown to the community and the willingness to dig down deep and make a change.

As the foundation expands its goals to an even larger scope than House of Purpose, MS games, Butler’s Backpacks, or the Dream Chaser program, I’ve been lucky enough to have an opportunity to contribute (in my own small way) to the cause. Through these blog posts, I hope to give a voice to people and stories that are perhaps being overlooked by the media and general populace. Just as Kelly has used his platform to improve the lives of others, I aim to use my platform and privilege to shine a light on the stories that aren’t being given the attention they deserve. There are many injustices suffered silently by people abroad and at home, but together, we can empower those people and make a difference, and I think that’s a pretty good purpose to play for.

-Zachary Waters


Nov 02 2017

In just four years Playing 4 A Purpose Foundation has made tremendous strides in assisting youth at risk.

More often than not adolescents susceptible to environmental adversity suffer psychologically and socially during such an important stage in human development. It is our mission to assist at-risk youth and foster a successful transition to adulthood through education, guidance and mentorship.

With a team-based approach Playing 4 A Purpose foundation has created opportunities for vulnerable youth to understand their individual situations and create solutions in order to give back to their communities.

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