Awards & Scholarships

In collaboration with the Winnipeg High School Football League

Playing 4 A Purpose (P4AP) has partnered with the Winnipeg High School Football League (WHSFL) to introduce three new scholarships and awards that celebrate members of the program for a variety of reasons. 

Mr. Purpose Award & Scholarship

Philanthropic Recognition

This award recognizes three students involved in the WHSFL that have shown great philanthropic drive and commitment to bettering their community and the lives of those around them. The winner of the Mr. Purpose Award will receive $1,000.00 to go toward their education, and each runner up will receive $500.00. The students will be chosen by the coaches of the WHSFL through a series of votes at the awards banquet in November, and announced at the 3rd Annual P4AP Gala Night the following May. 

Mr. Football Award & Scholarship

Player’s MVP

This award offers players within the WHSFL the chance to recognize their fellow teammates based on sportsmanship, leadership skills, positivity, mentorship and any/all other contributing elements to the game. The winner of the Mr. Football award will receive $1,500.00 to go toward their education, a trophy or plaque, as well as a few select items of P4AP merchandise. Each team in the WHSFL will elect two players from their school (one offense, one defense) and the P4AP staff will review all nominations before selecting a winner. 

Richard Harris Award & Donation

Coaching Recognition

This award acknowledges and honours a coach within the WHSFL that has shown immense dedication, commitment, and care to the program and the students involved. The coach that wins the Richard Harris award will receive a trophy or plaque as well as $1,000.00 to put towards new P4AP branded equipment to better their school’s football program and season. 

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